Ferrandou    ~   course outline

The Ferrandou Summer Singing Course caters for about 16 students of mixed ages and experience, who spend 7 days developing their performance skills. The course is very intensive, but also relaxed and non-competitive.


The beautiful surroundings, the friendly staff, the relatively small group of students combine to provide a supportive atmosphere for vocal and artistic development. The informality of Ferrandou leaves you free to relax and work hard on singing, interpretation and musical thinking.


Participants tend to be present at many of the solo sessions of their co-students, although this is by no means obligatory, finding that there is as much to gain from watching the progress of others as of oneself.


Students will receive daily  individual vocal sessions,  piano coachings and group sessions. There will be an opportunity at the end of the course for those students of a suitable level to perform to an invited audience.


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